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  • January 27th, 2022

    Figma Joins the Lyquix Toolkit

    Lyquix is continually evaluating our workflow and toolkit to provide the best experience and end product for our clients. In 2014, that meant switching from using the Adobe Suite as our primary web design tool to using Sketch, a tool created for the sole purpose of designing for the web.
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  • December 21st, 2021

    All I Want for Christmas is a New Website

    Around the holiday season, we all have gifts that we secretly hope Santa or a relative will deliver under the tree.  It could be a piece of clothing, tech toy, video game, or adult beverage.  For some, it’s even more specific…
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  • February 10th, 2021

    Lessons In Font Design

    Learning how to design a font — from inspiration to sketching, digital drawing, refinement, and production — and what I gained from the experience.
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