Holiday Card 2016: Mini-Me's!

For the past couple of years our holiday card has been ugly-sweater themed. As much fun as that was, this year we decided to shake things up a bit and go-small-or-go-home with a holiday toy catalog theme...which involved ordering 3-inch 3D prints of the entire team. Enjoy!

How’d we do it?!

We went to People Prints 3D in Old City where you can order 3D printed versions of real people. You go and get a 360° photo taken, pick a size and then a couple weeks later you get a box in the mail with a little you inside! It really was a lot of fun to do and now we have a miniature version of our team on a shelf in the office!

Oh wait did I forget to mention the amazing .gif proofs the company sent us via email before they started 3d printing? Cause you simply must see this:


As always if you haven’t checked out the card from last year you’re missing out and have a great 2017!



Camilla Kronenwetter

-Art Director

Camilla is a graphic designer who focuses on web design, user experience and user interactions. She brings to Lyquix the skillset of a problem solver with an eye for beautiful design. 

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