How Lyquix Takes Its Coffee

With an office located in the middle of Old City Philadelphia, we have access to great coffee options and if you’re one of the 150 million Americans who drink coffee every day, you know exactly how important that is to us. Here’s the listicle you’ve been waiting for: Lyquix’s top 4 favorite coffees to drink at work.

  1. Old City Coffee

    This coffee shop is a godsend - a five minute walk away and so strong it can shake away your case of the Mondays faster than you can say “double shot”. Whether it’s hot, iced, or dirty you’ll be sure to find it on our desks at Lyquix.
  2. Dunkin’ Doughnuts

    I know. I know. Here I was talking up local shops and then I go ahead and put a giant chain second in the list. What kind of sell out am I? The kind who needs my sugar rush, that’s what kind. However, my addiction to the insane quantities of sugar Dunkin dumps into their iced coffee isn’t the only draw Dunkin has to offer. Let’s be honest-  it’s cheap and convenient. Most of the time a Dunkin cup is sitting on a Lyquix desk it’s because it was purchased from one of the two Dunkin stores located between our office and Jefferson Station.
  3. OCF Coffee Shop

    Remember the old AT&T store on the corner of 3rd and Market Streets? Now it’s another one of those cafés run by OCF Realty company that stocks La Colombe Coffee and baked goods from Au Fournil & Famous Fourth St Cookies. Major upgrade if you ask me - I was tired of having to walk over to 6th and Market to get my draft latte. The convenience is a little costly though.
  4. The good old-fashioned office Keurig

    We like to think we’re fancy with our trendy Old-City location and our open office layout, but running out to the local barista and dropping $3 every time we need a caffeinated pick-me-up is just not cost efficient. So here in the office we’ve always got enough medium and dark roast K-Cups to last us a couple months. It may not be as fancy as a french press, but it’s a lot less messy, and we never run out. Running out of coffee would be bad. We were close one time and things got... a little ugly.

That’s it. However if you’re coming in to visit you might also want to check out High Street on Market (which serves Rival Brothers coffee) and Mangerie coffee (which consistently gets rave reviews about it’s cold brew and cookie offerings). Both are great options even though they didn’t make the list. Cheers!


Camilla Kronenwetter

-Art Director

Camilla is a graphic designer who focuses on web design, user experience and user interactions. She brings to Lyquix the skillset of a problem solver with an eye for beautiful design. 

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