The Making of Sweater-fest 2014

Ok Guys, It finally happened.

After a full month of delays due to sickness, vacations and snow, we’re happy to extend our holiday wishes to you via our photo card, complete with ugly holiday sweaters, fake presents, giant stockings, Santa mugs, a furry hat and big stock-photo-smiles.

Don’t miss the photo gallery below depicting our journey towards family-portrait-perfection. At the very least check out the photos to catch a peek at more instances of Miguel wearing the most awesome hat in the world.

A big thanks to Standard Tap for letting our team come in and take over their upstairs fireplace for an hour. Also, we’d like to thank/give credit to our awesome Photographer Bryan Lathrop whose portfolio of amazing work can be found here.

Thanks again to all of you for at least caring enough about us to want to see us making goofy expressions and happy Holidays everyone!

Camilla Kronenwetter

-Art Director

Camilla is a graphic designer who focuses on web design, user experience and user interactions. She brings to Lyquix the skillset of a problem solver with an eye for beautiful design. 

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