Brand Identity & Printed Materials

Amenity Housekeeping

Consumer Products & Services

Amenity Housekeeping Services is an apartment building housekeeping service based in Philadelphia. Amenity Housekeeping provides residents the safest, easiest, and most affordable way to get high-quality, concierge-style housekeeping in their home. Amenity Housekeeping takes pride in a job well done, cultivates relationships with open and transparent communication and provides hotel-like concierge service that exceeds client expectations.

Keeping up with Exponential Growth

Amenity Housekeeping hit the ground running in its first year, exponentially growing partnerships with residential apartment buildings. They proved their affordable and straightforward pricing model by radically taking over an untapped market.

However, Amenity Housekeeping’s rapid growth meant that the company quickly outgrew its original branding, which mis-represented their large scale and high-end service vision. The overall system lacked the consistency and tone that audiences have come to expect from large luxury brands.

Original Logo vs New Logo

Project Goals

Amenity Housekeeping Services engaged Lyquix to execute a complete rebrand and redesign of all existing marketing pieces. By providing a consistent visual system with engaging messaging, the rebrand would put Amenity Housekeeping in the position to target larger and more deluxe markets as a luxury service. 

Lyquix developed a brand platform that included the following elements:

  • Logo, Color, Typography and Imagery
  • Brand Voice and Messaging
  • Brand Guidelines Handbook
Discovery and Concept

Lyquix’s design process started with an analysis of Amenity Housekeeping’s service offering, target audience, mission and competition. Through our process we discovered common visual trends, both in the housekeeping and hospitality industries, as well as Amenity’s luxury apartment building partners. 1960’s typefaces, linear graphic elements and patterns, neutral color schemes, and engaging product photography became inspiration for the new Amenity Housekeeping brand. Our next goal was to combine these four elements in a way that conveyed the brand adjectives: modern, luxurious, freshness, tactile.

Building out the Brand System

Through careful planning during the inspiration and discovery phases of the project, we created a flexible and diverse brand system that transitioned from the brand guide to a consistent range of marketing pieces. 

Lyquix’s focus on brand consistency and tone quickly showed positive results. Residential customers and prospective partners of Amenity Housekeeping Services responded well to the visual style and messaging that was carried throughout the print and digital brand system. 

Lyquix redesigned the following marketing elements:

  • Print Pieces
  • Merchandise Items
  • Website Landing Page
  • Online Client Portal