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BeLoved Photography is a multi-service photography vendor owned by the American Wedding Group company that provides family, maternity, and baby photography sessions. BeLoved’s accomplished team includes Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers and photographers who have had their work featured in such prominent publications as Time, The New Yorker, and Vogue.

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Brand Identity

After forming a partnership with Destination Maternity, BeLoved engaged Lyquix to create a new brand identity that could both stand on its own and blend seamlessly into the Destination Maternity family of brands. Lyquix conducted an audit of the Destination Maternity, A Pea in the Pod, and Motherhood Maternity brands — pulling inspiration from their high contrast center-aligned logos, bright color schemes, and friendly san-serif type systems.


BeLoved is a three-service photography vendor, focusing on value and savings for busy, money-conscious families who want beautiful photography with less hassle. With these goals and audience in mind, the primary focus of the marketing website became the four main product pages — Maternity, Baby, Family, and the Bump to Baby Bundle. These four long scrolling pages showcase the photography in a dramatic way that keeps the user engaged, while persistent calls to action suggest that users should “buy now”.

Lyquix also implemented a substantial checkout system that included in-cart session scheduling, a promo code system, and automatic discounts. A user can put three photo sessions in their cart, see how much money they can save with each additional session added, and schedule all three photography sessions before checkout. Lyquix also built customization into this system, allowing different scheduling criteria based on which type of BeLoved photography session was being scheduled.

Once a BeLoved photography session is purchased, users log on to BeLoved’s client account section of the website to choose or edit the date of their photography session or edit their photography session’s location or type. Users learn more about their photographer, view finished photos, or edit personal information through the client account section as well. Lyquix integrated a flexible system into this section that would adjust for users at any stage of their BeLoved journey across various photography sessions.


Lyquix designed and developed a modular email template that executed 16 email blasts over the course of a 36-week schedule for each new customer. Starting from existing BeLoved content, Lyquix created a system of editable modules that could be added, stacked, and removed in order to build each email to fit the need of the moment, while keeping a consistent look and feel across the entire campaign.

As part of BeLoved’s partnership with Destination Maternity, Lyquix was also tasked with creating image assets that would be utilized inside of the Destination Maternity email campaigns. Eleven different email assets were created for each of the three Destination Maternity brands. To accomplish this, Lyquix designers had to have a thorough understanding of each brand’s design system and also utilized gifs within the email systems to showcase more of Beloved’s messaging and products.

Partner Marketing Pieces

Lyquix’s design team created a series of advertisement graphics for BeLoved that appeared on the Motherhood and A Pea in the Pod websites, email confirmations, and receipts. New pages were added within the partners’ websites, allowing users to directly view and purchase BeLoved's services. Lyquix worked within the partner brands' guidelines, while also maintaining a consistent brand style with the BeLoved website and other BeLoved materials.

No matter where BeLoved users purchased products or discovered the brand, all user journeys ended with the client account section on the BeLoved site. Ultimately, Lyquix provided BeLoved users with a seamless and effective experience, from beginning to end.

Lyquix designed the following partner marketing pieces:

  • Email Graphics
  • Website Ads
  • Receipt Ads
  • Product Overview Web Page
  • Product Detail Web Page