Mobile App Design & Development

Captive Capital

Financial Services

Captive Capital creates and manages multi-lender customer financing programs for manufacturers and equipment rental companies in North America, currently supporting over 20 clients and 6,000 sales representatives nationwide. They executed over $1 billion in equipment financing over the last three years and are quickly expanding to support a growing market.

Refresh & Upgrade

Captive Capital engaged Lyquix to refresh the look and feel of their equipment financing app and increase its usability with responsive sizing. Captive Capital’s mobile app is used internally to streamline the creation of client emails, including information like credit applications, financial estimates, calculations, promotional deals, and contact information. The previous application was customized (logo, content, and other elements) for about 10 clients of Captive Capital, but only supported for iOS mobile devices. The newly developed app will support more devices, add new functionality, and will incorporate with Salesforce.

Project Goals
  • Simplify user flow
  • Modernize visual styling
  • Improve functionality
  • Add fluid responsiveness from phone to tablet
Simplifying User Flow

Lyquix’s design process started with an analysis of the current application's user flow—immediately setting about how to streamline the system, prioritize content that is used most often, eliminate frustrating flow loops and make validation points clearer and more satisfying to the user.

Killing 10 Birds with One Stone

Another challenge was designing the application to be visually consistent and engaging, while also versatile enough to represent up to 10 different brands. We started with a simple grayscale iOS-based identity and unified the system under a singular action color which could easily be switched out depending on the brand.


Captive Capital now has a modernized and fluidly responsive iOS application, that adjusts to match every lender’s brand. With enhanced functionality and a simplified user flow, Captive Capital is positioned to increase conversion rates by delivering their clients’ essential information in an instant.

Project Highlights
  • Streamlined user flow
  • Completely responsive across iOS devices
  • Interchangeable branding elements