Website Design and Development


Education, Healthcare

Founded in 1852, Elwyn is the oldest organization of its kind — devoted to providing education, treatment, and support services for children and adults with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and behavioral health needs. Elwyn reaches over 20,000 individuals annually and has a team of over 6,000 employees at dozens of locations across the country. 

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A Design Built to Grow

Elwyn engaged Lyquix to design and develop a fully responsive website that could provide a solid but flexible foundation — growing and adapting as the organization evolves through rapid changes in the future. Lyquix formulated a plan to design a site that would visually communicate Elwyn’s mission and values, and would serve as a tool for the organization’s growth.

Project Goals
  • Enable the continuum of care — providing specific resources to all audiences
  • Create an intuitive and consistent experience across all devices
  • Position Elwyn as the most relevant and effective human services provider in the nation
The Results

With the launch of an interactive and engaging experience, the completed site is now a valuable resource and validation point for Elwyn’s individuals, families, and staff. Users now have easier access to the information that is most important to them and they can see the values of the organization reflected throughout the site. This accomplishment will maximize Elwyn’s impact on its community and enable a greater continuum of care.