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Established in 1996, GREYHAWK boasts a distinctive team comprising seasoned professionals with remarkable expertise. They offer independent, objective, and well-informed perspectives to clients in the realms of construction management, consulting, and commissioning. With a track record of success, GREYHAWK has effectively overseen construction projects surpassing $3 billion in value and resolved disputes encompassing more than 1,000 assignments, collectively valuing over $10 billion.

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Milestone Achievement

In 2021, GREYHAWK proudly celebrated its 25th anniversary. To commemorate this significant milestone, GREYHAWK partnered with Lyquix to revamp its website. Leveraging the Lyquix discovery process, our primary focus was to enhance the company's brand perception among both existing and potential employees. Recognizing that the current website fell short of accurately representing our company's essence, both visually and in terms of content, our leadership embarked on this redesign initiative.

Project Objectives
  • Elevate Employee Perception of the Company Brand
  • Amplify Lead Generation and Job Applications
  • Craft Clear and Compelling Brand Messaging
  • Showcase Team Members and Project Expertise
  • Leverage the Existing Content Management System
Enhanced Brand Messaging

Through collaboration with Lyquix, four pivotal branding messages were identified to augment our website:

  • Total Perspective: Diverse experts under one roof give GREYHAWK a distinct ability to provide insights with a full understanding of the entire construction process.
  • Experienced & Right-Sized: GREYHAWK’s team is composed of professionals large enough to have relevant experience in a broad array of areas, but small enough to ensure the involvement of principals in all projects.
  • Trustworthy & Client-Focused: GREYHAWK’s client-focused culture of attention to detail, customer service, proactiveness, and responsiveness.
  • Talent Focused: GREYHAWK provides a great work environment and culture, together with an abundance of challenging and rewarding projects.

Highlighting Expertise

To showcase the caliber, extent, and breadth of GREYHAWK's Projects and Services, Lyquix devised an animated interactive banner system. This system entices users to explore a curated selection of featured projects through interactive clicks. Designed as a modular feature, the banner can be seamlessly incorporated into any page on the website. This flexibility empowers the GREYHAWK team to effectively highlight projects as their portfolio expands.

Sections dedicated to Related Projects and Related Services further underscore GREYHAWK's wealth of experience. These modular sections are accessible across all pages, allowing for the display of related content in any preferred order. Similar sections have been created for News, Team, Available Positions, Markets, and Locations. The adaptive design accommodates variations in the number of related items, accommodating scenarios such as a single related team member or a group of six.


Visual Identity

At the project's inception, GREYHAWK's branding system was minimalistic, comprising solely of two colors and a logo. Collaborating with Lyquix, we identified key thematic preferences in the market, including cinematic overlays, impactful messaging, imagery-focused layouts, and the integration of visuals as textures. Following a brief exploration of fonts, a cohesive branding direction was established for the website.


The collaborative effort between GREYHAWK and Lyquix has yielded remarkable results: a website that authentically captures GREYHAWK's essence, communicates its values, and showcases its expertise. The revamped site serves as a dynamic platform, effectively resonating with both our internal team and external audiences. It has not only enhanced brand perception but also facilitated increased lead generation and job applications. The GREYHAWK website now stands as a testament to its commitment to excellence and innovation in the construction industry.