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The Rothman Concussion Network


The Rothman Concussion Network is a partnership between Jefferson University Hospital, Rothman Institute, and Wills Eye Hospital established with the objective of providing specialized care for patients with concussion.

Opened in 2013, the Rothman Concussion Network  offers the complete spectrum of services for the assessment, testing, and treatment of concussions. The Rothman Concussion Network brings together under one roof renowned medical specialists, the most advanced technologies and techniques, and innovative research. This concussion-centric, multi-disciplinary, and collaborative approach positions the Rothman Concussion Network  as one of the top centers for the care of concussions in the nation.

Check out the Rothman Concussion Network website.

Focus on Active Lifestyle

The success of Rothman Concussion Network has led to it been recognized as one of the top concussion treatment centers in the nation. With a growing number of patients and a more prominent profile, the Rothman Concussion Network needed to create its own online dedicated presence.

The Rothman Concussion Network engaged Lyquix to design and develop its first website with a clear mandate of positioning the Rothman Concussion Network as a unique an distinct organization – not your typical hospital or rehabilitation center. A place where you get treatment from the most recognized experts with a focus on regaining an active lifestyle.

Project Goals

  • Present The Rothman Concussion Network as a unique organization
  • Focus on active lifestyle
  • Enhanced patient education

“Every high level, wish list item was met with a seamless plan of execution from start to finish. They are the ultimate creative problem solvers and listeners. They delivered a website that captures and educates our audience in a way that is most meaningful to our organization."

Innovative Approach to Concussion Education

One of the challenges faced by concussion care providers is patient education. While athletes are getting increasing attention and resources for the prevention and treatment of sport-related concussions, many concussions go undiagnosed and untreated. This is partly caused by inadequate patient education around the causes, symptoms and care of concussions.

One particular challenge is the number of symptoms that are related to concussions – when presenting symptoms in a printed format, the information needs to be condensed in a way that is easy to read. This may leave symptoms out of the list, of it may use names and descriptions that are not familiar to most patients.

Fortunately on the web we don't have that type of space limitations. To address the challenges of concussion education, we developed a custom Concussion Symptoms tool that allows users to research their symptoms. Over 130 symptoms were loaded, covering all common symptoms, and accounting for different naming options for the same symptom. This dynamic, patient-centered tool allows individuals to learn more about symptoms and identify the Rothman Concussion Network specialties and assessments for a specific symptom.