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Kreischer Miller

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Kreischer Miller is the largest independently-owned accounting firm in the Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley region, boasting a team of over 200 employees and generating revenue exceeding $40 million. The firm distinguishes itself as a thought leader, empowering private businesses through its Center for Private Company Excellence (CPCE), and serving as a hub for valuable insights, networking, and resources. Kreischer Miller specializes in offering comprehensive advisory, accounting, and tax services tailored to middle-market, privately held enterprises, acknowledging their unique requirements often overlooked by firms serving public companies.

Pioneering a Visual Revolution

In 2022, Kreischer Miller approached Lyquix for a website redesign, with no intention of a full rebrand. However, during the website redesign process, Lyquix embarked on an audit-based journey to expand Kreischer Miller's visual identity. The compelling visual direction that emerged prompted Kreischer Miller's leadership to undertake a comprehensive logo and print collateral redesign, entrusting Lyquix with the task of careful execution.

Logo & Brand Identity

As part of the Kreischer Miller website redesign, Lyquix conducted an audit-based exploration to expand the color palette, typography, and imagery. Following meticulous market-based research and audits for accessibility, consistency, efficiency, and impact, the design team formulated recommendations, resulting in a brighter and more contrasting color palette, warmer and more vibrant imagery, and a refined typographic system.

The strong appeal of this visual direction led Kreischer Miller's leadership to initiate a comprehensive logo and print collateral redesign. The firm shifted its focus from a subtle shift to aligning the brand with its future goals. The new Kreischer Miller logo reflects the firm's bold leadership, with an orange icon conveying friendliness and warmth, and a green wordmark signifying trustworthiness. The Retina typeface reinforces a clear and informative advisory tone. The CPCE logo icon is set in shades of green to complement the overall brand.

Lyquix collaborated closely with the Kreischer Miller Marketing team, creating pitch decks and concept collateral to convey the design system to key stakeholders. Once the brand's new design systems were approved, Lyquix delivered a Logo Package and Brand Guide, enabling both teams to work in parallel to meet the brand launch date.

Brand Keywords
  • Leadership
  • Energy
  • Bold
  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Growth
Print Collateral

The Lyquix Design team executed a comprehensive redesign of existing print branding materials that not only established a consistent and professional brand image but also facilitated lasting impressions, reinforced expertise and credibility, streamlined internal documentation processes, and effectively communicated key information in physical spaces.

One notable benefit of Lyquix executing both the Website and Collateral projects in tandem was the introduction of innovative ideas for enhancing internal print processes. This included revamping print page functionality for Insights article webpages, Vcard QR code systems, and the introduction of a URL shortener to optimize QR code size.

List of Print Pieces
  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads
  • Brochure
  • Service Handout Word Template
  • Biography Handout Word Template
  • Pop-Up Banner System
  • Insight Article PDF
  • Tax & Marketing Folders
  • Financial Statement Covers
  • Yard Sign
  • Swag Concept
Digital Collateral

A website is not the only medium that a brand utilizes online. The Lyquix design team leveraged digital best practices and Kreischer Miller's new visual brand identity to create three powerful systems for brand outreach: a PowerPoint Presentation Template, Social Media Templates, and Email Templates. Each system was designed in modular pieces that could adapt to Kreischer Miller's various needs and audiences.

List of Digital Pieces
  • Proposal PowerPoint Presentation System
  • Constant Contact Email Template System
  • Social Post Canva Template System
  • Social Profile Banners
  • Swag Store Webpage design
A Comprehensive Transformation

Lyquix's strategic work has had a transformative impact on Kreischer Miller, resulting in a stunning website and a revitalized brand identity that reflects bold leadership and trustworthiness. This comprehensive overhaul extends to meticulously crafted print materials, enabling a lasting impression and streamlined processes. 

Discover how Lyquix optimized user navigation, elevated the user experience, and harnessed the power of WordPress's Gutenberg Block System to drive innovation, improve internal efficiency, and boost the firm's visibility by exploring our parallel website case study.

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