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Kreischer Miller

Professional Services

Kreischer Miller stands as the largest independently-owned accounting firm within the Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley region, boasting a robust team of over 200 professionals and an impressive annual revenue exceeding $40 million. Positioned as a leading thought influencer, the firm empowers private enterprises by offering invaluable insights, networking opportunities, and vital resources. Specializing in comprehensive advisory, accounting, and tax services tailored for middle-market, privately held enterprises, Kreischer Miller is attuned to the distinctive requirements often overshadowed by firms serving public corporations.

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Reshaping Identity

In the year 2022, Kreischer Miller collaborated with Lyquix to embark on a transformative journey of redesigning their WordPress website. Their aspiration was to transcend their existing digital platform into an aesthetically pleasing and intuitively navigable website. This redesign not only aimed to spotlight the revamped suite of services but also to underscore Kreischer Miller's pioneering role as industry advisors and thought leaders. A critical objective was to ensure internal manageability and seamless user experiences across diverse devices, catering especially to the younger talent pool targeted for recruitment.

Project Objectives
  • Enhance Brand Awareness and Messaging
  • Optimize Internal Processes through Automation
  • Attract Diverse Talent and Foster Inclusivity
Illuminating Through Leadership Excellence

During the initial Discovery phase, Lyquix played a pivotal role in helping Kreischer Miller crystallize three essential branding messages:

  • Kreischer Miller stands as the foremost local, independently-owned accounting firm dominating the Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley market.
  • As a beacon of thought leadership, Kreischer Miller enriches private and family-owned businesses with invaluable insights through its Center for Private Company Excellence (CPCE) - a vibrant community encompassing both physical and virtual realms for privately held companies, along with a robust Resource Center.
  • Kreischer Miller is synonymous with cutting-edge services, delivering highly technical and seamlessly integrated advisory, accounting, and tax solutions tailored to middle-market, privately held businesses.

These key messages served as guiding beacons, steering the team in the strategic determination of hierarchy, user flow, and content placement throughout the website's comprehensive redesign process.

Streamlined Experience

The user experience received a substantial boost through strategic enhancements, including streamlined service categorization, the introduction of intuitive tab-based navigation for staff, and the consolidation of multiple blog sections into a unified and organized interface. Additionally, to optimize content presentation on the Kreischer Miller website, the Lyquix team crafted a tailor-made modular block system for the WordPress Gutenberg editor. This system comprises a range of flexible block types that can be controlled by using user-friendly WordPress selectors. 

Elevated Brand Identity

In response to Kreischer Miller's desire for a more accessible and forward-looking image, Lyquix embarked on an audit-based journey to expand the color palette, typography, and imagery. Following market-based research and audits for accessibility, consistency, efficiency, and impact, the design team formulated recommendations. These recommendations encompassed a brighter and more captivating color palette, warmer and more vibrant imagery, and a refined typographic system.

The strong appeal of the visual direction prompted Kreischer Miller's leadership to initiate a comprehensive logo and print collateral redesign, entrusting Lyquix with its careful execution.

Synergy with Print Collateral

The symbiotic relationship between the website and print collateral led to innovative ideas for enhancing internal print processes. The print page functionality for Insights article webpages was revamped, serving as a dynamic tool for crafting proposals and obviating the need for outdated Word files. Vcard QR code systems were seamlessly integrated, facilitating the ordering of new business cards and the editing of employee contact information through WordPress pages. A URL shortener was introduced to optimize the physical card's QR code size.

Outstanding Results

The partnership between Kreischer Miller and Lyquix yielded remarkable results that amplified the firm's prominence. The Insights section emerged as a dynamic hub, reinforcing Kreischer Miller's thought leadership through a curated collection of articles and networking opportunities. The strategic service reorganization and streamlined navigation enhanced user experience, guiding visitors seamlessly through services, team profiles, and curated blog content. The rejuvenated brand identity solidified Kreischer Miller's image as an innovator within the market. This transformation translated into a legacy that Kreischer Miller's leadership proudly embraced—a legacy resonating with clients, peers, and prospective talents alike.