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Education, Technology, Non-Profit

NERCOMP, the NorthEast Regional Computing Program, is a professional organization for university and college information technology professionals. With almost 300 member institutions and over 10,000 individual members, NERCOMP organizes professional conferences and workshops, facilitates vendor licensing discounts, and provides various other resources and benefits to its members.

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A User Centric Approach

NERCOMP engaged Lyquix to design and develop a fully responsive website that focused on meeting WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards and creating an effective user experience. Through the discovery and information architecture phases of the project, we found that the existing site was frustrating for users, not mobile optimized, and did not match the expectations of a technologically savvy audience. We put a plan in place to design a site that would present the organization’s information in a clean and understandable way; promote their events, benefits, and key messages; and excite their community of IT professionals.

Project Goals
  • Comply with WCAG 2.1 AA web accessibility standards
  • Drive event and membership registration
  • Improve brand awareness and engagement
  • Position NERCOMP as a leading professional organization in the Northeast
Meticulous Accessibility and User Testing

To meet the goal of creating a seamless experience for all users, Lyquix conducted comprehensive visual and technological testing across all phases of the project. Accessibility testing was first integrated during the design phase, measuring color contrast, font sizing, and user interactivity elements against AA guidelines. During the development phase, accessibility was tested once again, confirming that the site would work perfectly whether it was used with a screen reader or across any device. User testing was also performed before launch, gathering results and impressions from 200 members of both internal and external audiences. Accessibility and user data informed our design and development decisions and also gave NERCOMP helpful information about their users.

Website Wizard Integration

A website wizard system was designed and developed to launch along with the site, smoothing the transition for users who were accustomed to the previous site. When a user arrived for the first time, they would be greeted by a welcome message and could opt-in for a tour of the new changes. There were also helpful tips on pages that had more custom functionality, ensuring that all users felt comfortable with the new organization and functionality of the site.

The Results

With the launch of an intuitive, interactive, and well-tested site, NERCOMP cements themselves as a professional and committed leader in the higher education IT field. Users now have easier access to the information that is most important to them and can see the values of the organization reflected throughout the site. This achievement pushes NERCOMP towards a growth in membership, vendor partnership and engagement for the future.

  • 100% WCAG 2.1 AA accessible
  • Significant increase in event registrations
  • Decrease in user assistance needed