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Siegfried Blog

Company Summary

The Siegfried Group is a professional organization that provides Fortune 1000 organizations with teams of accounting and finance experts and has a large focus on cultivating professionals into strong leaders. Siegfried's blog provides a unique perspective on individual leadership and how it can help its audience exponentially improve their life.

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Project Strategy

As part of our ongoing relationship, The Siegfried Group engaged Lyquix to breathe new life into their blog. Their mission: simplify the user experience, amplify the Siegfried Blog brand, streamline back-end management, and optimize SEO for increased site traffic. The Lyquix team promptly embarked on a mission to reshape their blog into a space where users could effortlessly access incredible thought leadership, ensuring that knowledge and insights would readily reach a wider and eager audience.

Project Goals

  • Enhance online presence
  • Recruit new talent
  • Expand market area and segments
Carefully Crafted Design

Lyquix enhanced the user experience of The Siegfried Blog by merging the blog’s Homepage with the functionality of the blog’s archive page and filter system into a single, user-friendly space. To simplify navigation and promote effortless discovery, Lyquix introduced infinite scrolling functionality with a seamlessly regenerating pattern, making content exploration a captivating experience. Encouraging user engagement and exploration further, we incorporated a trending section for articles and the ability to showcase videos. Additionally, the blog item pages received a makeover. We optimized the banner area, embedded article narration, and removed outdated social widgets for a cleaner, more user-friendly interface.

In tandem with these improvements, Lyquix took the initiative to incorporate the Siegfried Blog brand into the website. We replaced the featured article section on the homepage with a modern, youthful, and vibrantly branded banner, proudly declaring The Siegfried Blog's mission to the world. This strategic move created a stronger and more memorable brand identity for the blog, fostering a deeper connection with its audience.

The Results

With the launch of the blog redesign, Siegfried is able to expand its already robust brand and publish valuable insights, industry trends, and expert analysis in an exciting way. This design will help foster stronger connections with existing clients, attract new site traffic, and cement Siegfried as a leading light for young professionals.