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The Pros Wedding

Consumer Products and Services

The Pros is a multi-service wedding vendor offering photography, videography, and DJ. By offering a wide selection of services available all in one place, The Pros’ mission is to create a streamlined and stress-free experience for every customer up to and including their wedding day — with beautiful results that will be cherished for years to come.

Find. Meet. Love

The Pros leadership team approached Lyquix to help them evaluate the organization's brand identity and product offerings. Lyquix worked together with The Pros to bring an identity concept to fruition that focused on storytelling as the unifying force. The Pros’ marketing needed to focus on a smaller set of services, remove user barriers, decrease decision points, and replace visual branding. Together with The Pros’ leadership, Lyquix developed a three-phased approach to efficiently implement these changes.

Project Goals
  • Improve the current site’s user experience
  • Design a visual rebrand to partner with the new brand voice and service offerings
  • Redesign the website based on the new service offerings
Visual Branding

As part of the new storytelling focus, The Pros curated a collection of more emotive and journalistic style photography. Meanwhile, Lyquix paired a modern handwritten script, Bernaillo, with a 1916 era sans serif, P22 Underground. The type combination has a bouncy, eclectic energy that feels familiar and refreshing. Lyquix also introduced a linear icon system to help the user quickly identify key points and to add warmth and energy to more content-heavy pages.

Website Redesign

The new homepage was reformulated to not only highlight the three main services but also to showcase more photography and communicate unique services and deals. Package pages needed to be reorganized from 15 pages into 3, add-on services needed to be prioritized to reduce visual noise on main service pages, and the cart flow needed to be more succinct to reduce decision fatigue.

Brand Implementation

The last phase of the project focused on extending the new branding system into various marketing pieces to be delivered to partnering brands, showcased at bridal shows, and sent out to client inboxes. Lyquix’s thorough process to create a concise and specific vision ensured that branding visuals flowed seamlessly from one medium to the next.

Product Photography

Lyquix collaborated with Nell Photography to update The Pros product photography. Our goal was to document each wedding album option with polished studio photography, as well as relatable lifestyle shots. Lyquix worked with Nell Photography to determine all of the artistic aspects of the shoot including casting, attire, sets, and props. The resulting imagery perfectly captured the tone and style for The Pros’ users.

Redesigned Marketing Elements
  • Website
  • Rack Card
  • Bifold
  • Bridal Show Pullup Poster
  • Email Templates
  • Product Photography