Website Design and Development

The Siegfried Group: MY Journey®

Professional Services

The Siegfried Group is a professional organization that provides Fortune 1000 organizations with teams of accounting and finance experts, and has a large focus on cultivating professionals into strong leaders. Their MY Journey® program includes multiple annual events, bringing together employees for an immersive experience of leadership exercises.

Tailoring the User Experience

The Siegfried Group engaged Lyquix to design and develop an interactive experience that showcased the energetic and ambitious spirit of the MY Journey® events. The main goal of the site was to serve as a marketing tool—attracting potential employees and enticing them to join the firm, by positioning the MY Journey® program as a unique job benefit. The Lyquix team faced the challenge of how to immerse users in a virtual experience that conveyed the energy and experience of the program. Lyquix explored ideas on how to guide users across the site in a way that encapsulated the “journey” of the program—while also adding interactivity and movement.

  • Create a inspirational and memorable user experience
  • Communicate MY Journey®’s purpose and goals
  • Engage Siegfried’s target audience of outgoing, young professionals
A Multi-sensory Experience

Through our design process, the Lyquix team determined that the MY Journey® site would include multiple audio and visual elements, pushing beyond just a standard website experience. Movement is first introduced on the starting screen, grabbing the user’s attention and welcoming them to the experience. Once the user clicks to enter the experience, all of the main content is narrated through audio clips and accompanied by a set of animated line illustrations. Together, these features guide the user through the site, while still allowing them to control their level of engagement.

Adjusting for Smaller Screens

We took full advantage of available space on desktop screens, displaying large scale animated graphics and visuals along with text and navigational elements. However, with the limited space on mobile devices, we needed a solution that reduced the number of elements shown at once. Mobile user’s can choose to either listen and watch the animated visuals, or to listen and read along—using the full screen to showcase their selected experience.

The Results

With the launch of the dynamic and intuitive MY Journey® experience, The Siegfried Group positions themselves not only as an appealing and unique employer for young finance professionals, but as an innovative leader in their field. The MYJourney® site showcases the organization’s energetic culture and serves to attract a new audience of potential candidates and gain industry-wide appeal.