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Woodmere Art Museum is devoted to telling the story of Philadelphia art and artists. Woodmere’s website serves as the foundation for all of its marketing efforts - the museum's email, print, and social campaigns drive traffic back to its website.

The museum had outgrown its existing website - the overall management of the existing site was very manual and time-consuming, leading to neglect; the look and feel of the site didn't reflect the warm and social experience that visitors enjoy; the structure of the site had become inadequate for the growing amount and complexity of content; most pages were large blocks of plain text with an engaging design; connecting exhibitions, pieces of art, programs and events required a tremendous effort; and the site didn't highlight time-sensitive information such as exhibitions coming to an end, special announcements, and upcoming events.

Lyquix designed a fully responsive site that personifies Woodmere - it is welcoming and open, encourages discovery and exploration, while promoting the art and programming that makes Woodmere special. The white canvas allows the art and imagery to be the focal point of the site. The site is user friendly and intuitive, and designed and developed to work across all screen sizes.

Using the Joomla! Content Management System, we provided Woodmere’s staff with the ability to easily manage every section of the site. Images are automatically resized and cropped, and content is easily connected and linked throughout the site. 

A key component of the new site is Woodmere’s Online Collection, which showcases about half of the Museum’s Permanent Collection.  The Online Collection encourages visitors to explore, share, and comment on the Philadelphia art and artists that make up Woodmere’s Collection.  Artwork in the Online Collection can be filtered by Artist, Medium, and Time Period. Additionally, the art and artists in Woodmere’s Online Collection can be connected to other content (exhibitions, programs, and events) throughout the site.

We also automated the management of Exhibitions, Events, and Programs.  Woodmere's staff now only has to enter the information for each Exhibition, Event, and Program once, and the content is able to connected to other sections of the site through and easy-to-use point and click interface. The visibility of Exhibitions, Events, and Programs is determined by the start date and end date. We eliminated the need for Woodmere’s staff to manually remove Exhibitions, Events, and/or Programs once they had passed.

Woodmere's new site has been widely praised, and highly visited due to the recent exhibitions and installations.  You can check it out at: