Technology, Usability & Analytics

Ruben Reyes

Ruben is the lead technologist at Lyquix. He consults directly with clients and manages Lyquix's development team. Ruben has extensive experience helping clients navigate through complex systems, analyzing and advising on the right choice of technologies and architecture, assembling and managing technical teams, and implementing development and support processes.

Originally from Venezuela, Ruben holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from Universidad Simon Bolivar. With two decades of experience, he has served clients ranging from startups to Fortune 100, working in web, mobile, usability, software, IT infrastructure, and analytics projects.

His deep and hands-on technical expertise, coupled with a fine-tuned skill to understand business drivers and user behaviors, enable him to bring forward the most effective solutions that produce tangible business results. Clients praise Ruben for his unique ability to take complicated processes and technologies, and to explain them simply.

When he is not working on client projects, Ruben can be found traveling with his wife Agata, playing SimCity and Cities: Skylines, or watching Mr. Robot.