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Data can be overwhelming, and making sense of it can seem daunting. We can help you understand the data being collected by your web properties (websites and mobile apps) , and use it to unlock opportunities for your organization.

We primarily work with Google Analytics, but have worked with Adobe SiteCatalyst, and designed custom analytics systems.

Our analytics engagements take on many forms - we do not offer an analytics package. Each client has specific tracking and reporting needs. We find that most projects involve one or more of the services listed below:

Google Analytics Services

  • Google Analytics Audit: We review all of your websites and mobile applications to ensure that Google Analytics is correctly implemented and properly tracking the activity on all of your websites and mobile applications.
  • Google Analytics Implementation: We work with you to implement Google Analytics tracking across all your web properties (websites and mobile apps).
  • Google Analytics Reports and Dashboards: Using all the tools available through Google Analytics, we provide you with clean, professional, and easy to understand reports and dashboards.
  • Google Analytics Consulting and Management: We help you analyze, interpret, and present the data to key stakeholders. We partner with you to ensure that you are able to address your ever evolving measurement needs.
  • Google Analytics Training and Support: Our experienced staff provides in-depth training and ongoing support to ensure that you are able to take full advantage of Google Analytics.

Custom Analytics Solutions

  • Requirements Development
  • Data Schema Design and Development
  • API Design and Development
  • Management Interface Design and Development
  • Reporting Specifications Documentation, Design, and Implementation