Website and Application Product Development
Website and Application Product Development
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Product Development

We work with clients to design and develop sophisticated, user-focused digital products. We have built and managed high visibility, high volume digital products that require large, skilled teams; substantial planning and documentation; and a sustained, long-term effort.

Development of Product Concept

We take ideas and turn them into concepts. We work with clients to identify the core purpose of a product or service, its uniqueness, and its promise to fulfill an unmet need.

Market Opportunity Assessment

We employ quantitative and qualitative methods to determine market pains/unmet needs, market readiness to adapt a new product or service, market engagement patterns, and the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors.

Using surveys, in-person interviews, and independent market research techniques, we work to define the size of the opportunity, the target audience, the barriers to entry, and the nature of the marketing challenge.

Documentation and Recommendations

We collect information from all the product stakeholders, and synthesize it into business and technical requirements and product roadmap recommendations.

Requirements for each feature and user interaction must be fully flushed out, and an initial product roadmap established before a budget and schedule can be developed, team can be assembled, or product design and development can begin.

Design and Development Budget and Scheduling

Producing realistic budgets and schedules is a vital element of product development. Budgets and schedules drive decisions that allow for clarity of purpose.

We strive to deliver products that are on budget and on schedule. It is a testament to our process and our commitment to our clients. Doing so requires constant collaboration and communication to ensure that we are in agreement with the short- and long-term goals and objectives.

Recruitment and Management of the Product Team

Recruiting and managing a product team (project managers, designers, developers, and quality assurance professionals) is essential for the successful execution of a project. Detailed job descriptions must be produced, and experienced, skilled professionals identified, screened, and hired.

We have worked with Fortune 100 companies to help recruit, screen, and hire product teams. We have also provided members of our team to support and augment internal product teams. It is essential that you work with the best available talent.

Post-Launch Management, Reporting, and Versioning

In order to ensure that a product continues to serve its audience, a detailed plan for post-launch management, reporting, and versioning must be developed and executed. Day-to-day management must be a collaborative effort between the product owner, internal team members, and the product team. Established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) should guide regular reporting, analysis, and evaluation. A product roadmap, combined with user feedback, business requirements, and collected metrics should help drive the product versioning schedule.