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Building a new website, web application or mobile application is a monumental task. Even “simple” websites and applications need to be conceptualized, designed, built, tested, and launched. It requires developing a budget, producing documentation, establishing achievable timelines, and managing a team of designers, developers, content creators, and stakeholders.

Our skilled and experienced project managers provide the focused and time-tested methods for successful project operations:


We facilitate conversations with all the project stakeholders to define the project goals and objectives, as well as the business requirements. We define audience profiles, competition, differentiators, and calls to action.

Planning and Requirement Production

We believe that proper planning and documentation is the cornerstone of a successful design and development project. Our project managers will lead you through the planning and requirements production process and ensure that the proper information is handed off the design, development, and content creation team members.

Time and Budget Management

We help set the budget and timeline for each phase of the project. In consultation with our client, we make the necessary adjustments throughout the project.

Team Management

We assemble and manage the design, development, and content creation team. We assign tasks and manage the Agile design and development process.

Expectation Management

Managing and meeting the expectations of the client, team, and third parties is essential. We believe in establishing an open, constant line of communication with all who are involved in the project so that expectations are clearly understood and met.


Working with the design, development, and content creation team members, as well as stakeholders, we ensure the project is successfully executed.


We have provided Project Management services to Fortune 100 Companies, SMEs, healthcare providers, schools, non-profit and cultural institutions. Our time-tested project management approach works. It has been used to launch, maintain, and manage high traffic, high visibility web properties.