Web Databases, Servers and Infrastructure
Website Databases, Servers and Infrastructure
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Databases, Servers and Infrastructure

Websites and apps run on a complex infrastructure of servers, databases, and networks. One of the concerns many clients have is whether they can delegate the setup and operation of this critical technology infrastructure to their website and apps vendor.

IT departments approve of Lyquix: leading IT departments have verified that our technical expertise goes very deep, and they see us as a valuable partner.

This knowledge has proven crucial in tackling complex integrations, solving technical issues, and optimizing systems' performance - all ensuring our client's websites and apps run uninterrupted.


We set up servers from scratch, the command-line is a welcoming place for us. Our developers navigate comfortably whether on AWS, Linode or in-house servers.


SQL or No-SQL. We install them and configure them. We design their structure and optimize queries. We talk database fluently.


Domains, name servers, DNS, and IP addresses: all make sense to us. Routers, default gateways, and subnet masks: very familiar terms. SSL, redirects, DoS, and robots: they don't intimidate us.

High Availability

No server runs without a backup system. The sky's the limit: load balancing, CDNs, offsite backup, real-time replication. You ask, we can help.