Website & Application Performance Optimization
Website & Application Performance Optimization
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Performance Optimization

Faster and more efficient. Lyquix optimizes the performance of website and apps by applying best practices and advanced methodologies that include:


By leveraging the complete spectrum of caching techniques, from browser caching, to database memcache, we are able to reduce the need to re-transmit or re-generate files, thus increasing speed and reducing computing resources.

Image optimization

By selecting the right format for each use case, setting up automatic cropping and resizing, assembling image sprites, and using various caching techniques, images are optimized to download in an instant and to display sharply.

File optimization

Automatic minification and merging of HTML, CSS and Javascript files reduces the amount of data transmitted, as well as the number of data requests to the server.

Server optimization

Starting with adequate dimensioning of server capacity, we fine tune memory settings and configuration to provide the best performance.