Art Director

Camilla Kronenwetter

Camilla ("Cami") is a graphic designer who focuses on web design, user experience and user interactions. Cami brings to Lyquix the skillset of a problem solver with an eye for beautiful design. Everyday she takes on our client’s complex informational systems and not only makes them easy to navigate and understand, but also nice to look at. What clients find most impressive about Cami is that she ‘gets it’. As a passionate designer, she prides herself on taking the time to understand who her clients are and what they need before ever putting mouse to Photoshop.

Originally from small-town Lancaster County, Cami came to Philly to attend Drexel University. Since then she’s received a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, bought t-shirts for all the Philadelphia sports teams, and fallen in love with food truck food.

Articles by Camilla Kronenwetter

  • January 27th, 2022

    Figma Joins the Lyquix Toolkit

    Lyquix is continually evaluating our workflow and toolkit to provide the best experience and end product for our clients. In 2014, that meant switching from using the Adobe Suite as our primary web design tool to using Sketch, a tool created for the sole purpose of designing for the web.

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  • December 21st, 2021

    All I Want for Christmas is a New Website

    Around the holiday season, we all have gifts that we secretly hope Santa or a relative will deliver under the tree.  It could be a piece of clothing, tech toy, video game, or adult beverage.  For some, it’s even more specific…

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  • January 22nd, 2018

    How Lyquix Takes Its Coffee

    With an office located in the middle of Old City Philadelphia, we have access to great coffee options and if you’re one of the 150 million Americans who drink coffee every day, you know exactly how important that is to us. Here’s the listicle you’ve been waiting for: Lyquix’s top 4 favorite coffees to drink at work.

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  • October 25th, 2017

    Door to the New World

    Inspiration can be found anywhere - from the websites we depend on everyday to world-class museums on the other side of the world. As a designer, every experience has the potential to become the origin point of a creative design solution for a client project here at Lyquix. While some of this design inspiration is easily accessible, I’ve found that sometimes the best insight comes out of just a little bit of adventuring.

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  • January 17th, 2017

    Holiday Card 2016: Mini-Me's!

    For the past couple of years our holiday card has been ugly-sweater themed. As much fun as that was, this year we decided to shake things up a bit and go-small-or-go-home with a holiday toy catalog theme...which involved ordering 3-inch 3D prints of the entire team. Enjoy!

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  • December 3rd, 2015

    Sweater-Fest 2015

    Based on the success of our holiday card last year we decided to kick off this year’s Christmas-Creep with another round of fun sweaters, this time with an added twist!

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  • December 19th, 2014

    The Making of Sweater-fest 2014

    Ok Guys, It finally happened.

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